PV Electricity & Solar Resources Assessments

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Yves Poissant and Sophie Pelland, CanmetENERGY

CETC Number 2007-227 / 2007-10-22


CanmetENERGY and the Meteorological Service of Environment Canada (MSC) have collaborated to help fill the gap in solar resource knowledge in Canada, and to evaluate the electricity generation potential of novel photovoltaic technologies in Canadian climactic conditions. 3 meteorological stations are now operational and acquiring data on all components of the incoming radiation at each minute, with one station also measuring the electricity production of different PV modules. In addition, maps of Canada's photovoltaic potential and solar resource have been developed, and are now available online. Finally, the electricity generation potential of building integrated photovoltaics in Canada and the associated greenhouse gas emissions reduction have been evaluated and described in a research paper.

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